Per Bylund


I’m John F. Baugh Center Research Professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship in the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University where I study entrepreneurship, management, and economic organization. I have previously taught in the Management Department of Trulaske College of Business and the Division of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Missouri.

I am also associate fellow of the Ratio Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, a research fellow at the McQuinn Center of Entrepreneurial Leadership, and an Associated Scholar with the Mises Institute as well as senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises-institutet i Sverige.

My research aims to explain the market process of wealth-creation and economic development with a focus on organizations, institutions, strategic management and entrepreneurship. I have several papers on the theory of the firm, especially targeting and attempting to illuminate the economic function of the firm – both to the entrepreneur and as a means to explain the evolution of market structure. My research has been published in several journals, including Managerial and Decision Economics and the Journal of the History of Economic Thought. I also serve on the editorial boards of the Journal of Management Studies and the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

In addition to research, I do my best to share scientific knowledge with the public and decision-makers in society through consulting, research, and commentary. As a part of this effort, I was recently published in the Wall Street Journal. I also try to post regular commentary on my blog Economic Reasoning, where I use the economic way of thinking and logical reasoning to shed light on current events, politics, and news.

Originally from Sweden, I live in Texas and Mid-Missouri with my wife Susanne and our semi-spoiled Plott Hound Georgia.