Humble Collision Course?

I first thought of calling this blog Crash Course Commentary, since I intend to take opposite views to a lot of people’s ideas and seemingly sensible statements. I thought it would be cool, and the logo looked okay too with three capital Cs and a strike-through line.

However, my wife talked me out of that idea. She didn’t really understand what’s so “cool” about being aggressively opposed to someone or something. Also, she correctly noted, nobody ever gets anywhere being aggressive and “anti.” The only thing anyone can accomplish from having such a point of departure in each and every post, which such a blog name would demand, is to either sound like an immature teenager or simply make a whole bunch of enemies.

That is of course not the purpose of this blog, even though I have no problem with writing a little aggressively now and then.

Try a more humble approach, my wife continued, and be reasonable and respectful toward the people you criticize. That way you will be taken seriously, and your blog will be much more interesting than if it is a teenage rage blog.

Blog the way David D Friedman blogs – he’s always respectful, even when he’s really cross like [put something vulgar here].

What the [vulgar word again], I thought, she’s right (she usually is). That’s the way to do it. But I’m no David D Friedman (or whoever) and I don’t want to simply copy someone else’s blog concept, especially someone much more famous than I am – and he’s had his blog for years. What I needed to begin was what economists and business people would call a business concept or business idea – something uniquely Per Bylund yet not too weird or too hard to grasp.

So here we go, my own “business concept” for a blog.

I intend to keep the original thought of “crashing” against other people’s (or my own) ideas, theories and “sensible” statements. That’s who I am – I think in my own way and I don’t accept The Truth simply because someone tells me it is, really, The Truth. But I’m also taking my wife’s advice and doing it in a humble way. I want to discuss ideas, especially philosophical, political or economic such, but I intend to do it in an easy-to-understand, humble, and respectful, but still investigative, distrusting and skeptical manner.

Also, I really don’t want this blog to be another one of those “web diaries” with totally uninteresting and irrelevant posts about my personal life or posts that are only valid in the present. Since I intend to write about ideas I don’t think this will be the case, I needn’t worry about it. The world of ideas is everlasting and eternal, an idea is always alive and relevant no matter how crazy or who says it at what time.

Since “Humble Crash Course Commentary” sounds nothing but stupid, I’ve decided to call this blog Colliding Softly with the World of Ideas, or simply Colliding Softly. So let’s do it.

Please feel free to comment on the posts, or suggest new topics or ideas to disintegrate and analyze.