A Day of Remembrance

Today is a day to remember that no one is safe from the State, that it can use its system of “justice” in whatever way it pleases and put its enemies to death for crimes they did not commit. It is a day to remember that those who hold and claim power have no interest in other people unless they are loyal slaves; the ruling class does not hesitate to use brute, deadly force for the sake of keeping their system of power intact.

This day 122 years ago a number of people were killed by a bomb thrown into a gathering of people in Chicago. It is to this day unknown who threw the bomb and who were responsible for the people killed on May 3-4, 1886. But what is known is that eight people were sentenced to imprisonment and even death in a farcical “trial” despite overwhelming evidence of innocence. They were killed and chained by the State but for the sake of their views on life and liberty, for being anarchists.

These people learned first-hand the true meaning of power – death – and their fate has come to symbolize this truth. The memory, despite being ruthlessly exploited by statist and nationalist socialists hiding thei statist agendas and aim for power behind burning red flags and beautiful words, remains.

We should use this day to celebrate every man’s, woman’s, and child’s right to freedom, liberty, and justice. It is a day that was and should become the symbol of every man’s equal right and our collective humane, desperate need for peaceful, non-violent disobedience of the ruling class’s decrees. Let this day be known as a day of unpower and disobedience. But let it be a day for peaceful action, a day in lack of violence and aggression.