I’m back!

After almost two months of inactivity on this blog I’m finally back. The reason for this inactivity is not that I’ve been abducted by aliens and I have also not been imprisoned by government (the latter probably a lot more likely than the former), but simply that I’ve been on vacation and have spent the summer trying to reawaken my creative side–a whole year of advanced neoclassical economics studies has effectively shut some lines of thought out of my brain, and forced creative abilities almost out of reach. Two weeks at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and three weeks away from “it all” certainly helped getting in touch with my brain again.

So finally I believe I have the energy and creativity to write again–I’m back as my “old” self. This blog will therefore be resurrected in a couple of days when I have another article published on LewRockwell.com. After that I should be able to keep this blog updated about as frequently as before the break. Stay put.