What is a “market”?

I attended a conference last week and, especially, a research development workshop. In this workshop, one of the discussants commented on a paper that the author (not me) had to make it clear whether the firm was “entering a new market or only launching a new product in an existing market.” That comment totally confused […]

On Kirzner’s “Perception, Opportunity, and Profit”

Kirzner’s Perception, Opportunity, and Profit is a collection of essays, previously published and unpublished, on a number of issues relating to the well-known Kirznerian concept of entrepreneurship. As such, it supposedly offers a clarifying discussion on what is meant by “pure” entrepreneurship, alertness (as opposed to innovation, judgment, etc.), and, perhaps the most provocative part of […]

Division of Labor and the Firm

In an article recently accepted for publication in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, I draft a model for explaining how firms emerge in the market place. Whereas theories of the firm generally attempt to explain the rationale for firms, their boundaries, and how they are internally organized, there are pretty much no studies at […]

On Comprehensive Exams

It is undoubtedly the case that most students do not only accept the state of things, but they never even question why things are the way they are. This should perhaps not be loathed, since the answer most students would be likely to get upon questioning is “this is the way it has always been […]

Responding to Klein and Rothbard on Agorist Organization

Peter Klein wrote a blog post yesterday on the Mises Economics blog continuing the agorist vs. anarcho-capitalist discussion on organization. In his post, Klein summarized his contribution to the discussion followed by a quoting Rothbard’s assessment of agorists view on organization. But both Klein and Rothbard make unsupported general conclusions that they seem to base […]

My View of Advanced Studies and Science

I’ve at the time of writing this post spent over a year in an American graduate program (doctorate) and there are some things I want to share with you. It is of course the case that most things taught are so-called mainstream science and as such it is as blindly fixed on empiricism and technical […]

On the Art of Writing – and Science

I am currently reading Joseph Schumpeter‘s wonderful The Theory of Economic Development. It is wonderful not only in substance, but in style. Science simply isn’t presented in such beautiful prose anymore. The tender softness of Schumpeter’s writing brings to mind a sentence from Murray N. Rothbard‘s critical comments on Samuel Edward Konkin III’s New Libertarian […]

On the Effort to Push Back the State

I have a new article published today on Strike the Root, called Let’s Join Forces for Liberty, which discusses the impossibility of Ron Paul’s so-called Revolution: As a former partyarch and political scientist I have been following the Ron Paul Revolution campaign closely – as closely as is possible on the Internet without actually participating. Even […]