On Not Getting It

As a student of economics I am exposed to idiotic statements more or less daily. What is so moronically stupid about these statements is not that they have to do with economics or that they are uttered by stupid people. On the contrary, the problem seems to permeat our postmodern society and most bright people […]

I’m back!

After almost two months of inactivity on this blog I’m finally back. The reason for this inactivity is not that I’ve been abducted by aliens and I have also not been imprisoned by government (the latter probably a lot more likely than the former), but simply that I’ve been on vacation and have spent the […]

A Day of Remembrance

Today is a day to remember that no one is safe from the State, that it can use its system of “justice” in whatever way it pleases and put its enemies to death for crimes they did not commit. It is a day to remember that those who hold and claim power have no interest […]

TV Addicts, America’s Elite Thank You

There’s something that has been troubling me lately. Most people in the PhD program that I attend are of course well educated people, and they are getting even more so as time goes by, but one of their main interests outside of the department and their classes seems to be television (possibly because they need […]

Soon to be Resurrected?

My apologies to all the readers of this blog. The last couple of weeks have been awfully busy, which is why I haven’t been able to post any blog entries. I have, however, a number of drafts that need only a little work before they can be submitted. So bear with me; there will be […]

Ceteris Paribus for Dummies

The economist’s analysis based on ceteris paribus (lat. “all other things being equal”) can, at least in certain contexts, seem almost laughable. After all, isn’t it pretty obvious that any economic system is a web of interdependent relations and interactions dependent on signaling through for instance the price system? Even so, certain so-called scientific models […]

On an Article’s Valid Arguments

I have received a lot of criticism from numerous anonymous Internet criticizers. As is often the case with the Internet and elsewhere, “anonymous” means people can say whatever they want without risking having to argue a point in defense. Most of these comments on my articles have been submitted to various billboards and discussion forums […]

Humble Collision Course?

I first thought of calling this blog Crash Course Commentary, since I intend to take opposite views to a lot of people’s ideas and seemingly sensible statements. I thought it would be cool, and the logo looked okay too with three capital Cs and a strike-through line. However, my wife talked me out of that […]