On Inflation Research as Propaganda

In an article published today on LewRockwell.com I discuss the implications of the inflation statistic often used in economics research. As I argue, it is not only the case that the statistic doesn’t show the whole extent of the problem–it is also the case that the inflation statistic used in economics research necessarily benefits the […]

Should we Hope for Civil War?

It is often claimed that god, the guy who is supposedly the “creator” of all things, moves in mysterious ways. This is equally true of the destroyer – the State. It moves indeed in mysterious ways, even though its ultimate aim is all too clear: unlimited and unrestricted power. Not understanding this aim and purpose […]

More on “Blame Anarchism?”

As I stated clearly in a previous blog entry, the topic for my article Blame Anarchism? on Strike the Root was not new; I have written on it before. So I was very surprised that this article stirred up such a debate – it seems I really touched a nerve among many anarchists. Sadly, most […]

On “Blame Anarchism?”

I have touched on this subject before, in the column Real and Fake Anarchism, but the duality of anarchism cannot be discussed enough. Just like some would say there may be parallel universes that are each other’s opposites, what is referred to as anarchism is both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Consulting any dictionary on […]

On the Recycling Myth

We are, on a daily basis, fed the idea that the world is coming to an end – and it is all our fault. Global warming is going to cause a new cataclysm and we are all going to die. And the reason? We use technology, we lead good lives, and we emit CO2 when […]

On the Power to Get Away With It

The apparatus of the state is all about power: it is established to maintain a hierarchical power structure in society and to keep a certain class’ privileges. For the sake of understanding what the state is about it does not matter whether the contemporary state is a remnant from when one tribe subdued another and […]

On the “Ron Paul Problem”

My previous Strike the Root article on libertarianism and Ron Paul’s campaign for the republican nomination for the presidential election (here) has gained some attention. I expected to receive a large number of e-mails from “Ron Paulians” about how Ron Paul and the “rEVOLution” is about to save the world. To my surprise, most e-mails […]

On Anarchist Forum Statism

In a recent article published on Strike the Root, I discuss another inconsistency in the anarchist movement. The issue discussed is, at least from a greater philosophical or political point of view, neither important nor big – it is about how anarchist web forums are managed. And the problem I discuss is that they are, […]

On Inequality – the Threat to Liberty

What is so special with a uniform? It is not the case that we generally respect a person in uniform – if someone approached us in the street dressed in a school uniform and ordered us to stand back we would probably not obey. At least, we wouldn’t automatically obey and make sure to quickly […]