My View of Capitalism

It seems a lot of the criticism towards myself as well as my attempt to finally “unify” the anarchist movement, through stripping it of the dogmatic, false belief that there are incompatible schools of anarchisms, is based on the uses and definitions of the word capitalism. In endless posts on anarchist forums I have been […]

Bigger is Better…?

It seems people generally consider strength as highly correlated with size. Big corporations are much more powerful than small firms or individual entrepreneurs, small states are “at the mercy” of bigger states, big people are more terrifying than small. Yet the wisdom of the ancient giants in structured thinking talk of size and strength as […]

The Name, Not the Act

Psychology and “average Joe philosophy” is quite frustrating while at the same time interesting and, to say the least, bewildering. We all have thoughts and convictions that we take for granted are true, and we often react emotionally and with great certainty even though a fraction of a second’s rational thought would prove our reaction […]

How to Look Really Stupid

I get a lot of comments on my articles at the time they are published as well as years after they have been made available. This blog entry is about the comments I receive and why so many of them are supposed to make me look stupid, while they are really making the commenter look […]